Furious Car Wash - Inline Water Filtration & Softening System

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Furious Wash - Inline Water Filtration & Softening System! This is the EXACT same system I have used on all of my Mobile Detailing jobs for years. Due to customer demand, I am now assembling these units and offering them to my customers! 

I have assembled this kit using the highest quality parts I could find. Unlike some other kits out there, I opted for a dual-filter housing which is also wall mountable. All of my hose fittings are high-quality metal (not plastic). This is designed to connect inline to any garden hose - this comes assembled and ready to go! 

HOW DOES IT WORK?  City water and especially well water can contain sediment & rust. The first line of defense is a 5-Micron String Filter, which stops it before it can hit (and possibly scratch your finish). Next the water flows into a Water Softening Cartridge, which exchanges the harder minerals Calcium & Magnesium for Sodium ones. Minerals in softened water are much easier to remove, compared to hard water. Just like if you have a softener in your home, you will also find the car shampoo lathers up much better!  

IS THIS A SPOT-FREE RINSE? No. Spot-free rinse systems use a Reverse Osmosis (deionization) filtration system - typically used in the final rinse only. They remove nearly all the minerals (total dissolved solids) from the water, but are quite expensive to purchase and recharge. This Softening System will help reduce spotting by changing the composition of the minerals, and making any spots easier to remove. You will also find the water sheets off the vehicle more, which also helps reduce the possibility of standing water. You should still try to wash your car in the shade, or out of direct sunlight whenever possible. Follow up your wash with Adam's Great White Drying Towels & a mist of Detail Spray (or an air dryer) for best results.

HOW DOES THE SOFTENER CARTRIDGE RECHARGE? In a typical home softener setup, the resin is recharged by the softener salt. With this system, it is very easy (and cost-effective) to recharge the Softening Cartridge! Simply remove the Softening Cartridge from the housing and submerge fully in a softener salt (included) solution overnight. How long the cartridge lasts before recharging can vary on the hardness (and total dissolved solids) in your water. While out detailing, I personally have found it to last 2-3 car washes. If you really wanted to, you could remove it after each wash. I include an extra cartridge so you can have one soaking and ready to go when you need it! You will need a shallow container/bucket, a few inches deeper than the cartridge. You want to submerge it, but not have excess water - the salt solution should be very strong. Leave the cartridge in the solution at least overnight - or always keep one in there until you need it! When you need more salt, just get some standard water softening salt from your local store.


  • 1 - Dual Filter Clear Housing With Wall Bracket & Garden Hose Fittings
  • 1 - Filter Wrench
  • 2 - 5 Micron String Sediment Filters (2.5" x 10")
  • 2 - Water Softening Cartridges (2.5" x 10")
  • 1 - 36" Hose Extension With Male & Female Quality METAL Fittings. 
  • 1 - 2lb Bag Of Softener Salt 

SETUP?  I will preinstall a set of cartridges in the housing before shipping so you are ready to go. Simply connect the 36" hose to your water source, and connect the other end to the "IN" fitting (string filter side).  Connect your hose to the "OUT" fitting (the softener cartridge side). If you happen to experience any leaks, check tightness on the filter housings and garden hose fittings. It is typical to notice a slight reduction in water pressure when running through both filters. I have never been in a situation where it was too low, but if you have abnormally low water pressure please be advised.