Adam's Paint Finishing Polish 8oz

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  • All New Formula, safe for clear coat, single stage, or lacquer paint
  • Infused with SiO2 silica for mind-blowing shine
  • Stunning results with minimal effort
  • For use with Adam’s White Foam Pad

Designed specifically to follow Adam's Correcting Polish, this all new formula is the ideal finishing polish to remove the haze left behind by heavier cutting agents and compounds like Adam's Heavy Correcting Compound, while still being able to do light correction and swirl removal on only slightly damaged finishes. Adam's Finishing Polish is an ultra-fine, micro-abrasive polish - now infused with silica (SiO2) to bring out eye-popping gloss, depth, and produce a mirror finish, while removing fine swirl marks and imperfections on all paint types. Adam's Finishing Polish has been tested and developed to work with all machine polishers, including dual action, random orbit, and rotary tools.

Color coded to our White Foam Polishing Pads, you'll find yourself reaching for Adam's Finishing Polish above any other polish in your collection. Advanced ultra fine abrasives and newly developed bonding agents allow Adam's Finishing Polish to work longer, giving you work times that are unmatched by other polishes on the market. This not only makes Adam's Finishing Polish ideal for finishing a correction, but also correcting minor imperfections, for example on a show car that may not need our stronger Correcting Polish or Heavy Correcting Compound, to bring out that ultra-glossy finish that any truly detailed finish should have.

Adam's Finishing Polish also wipes away cleaner than any of our previous polishes ever could. With almost effortless arm movements you'll find that the residues remove cleanly and easily after the polish has done its job. A light pass of a premium Adam's microfiber towel will reveal stunning shine and flawless paint time and time again. You'll be completely stunned with the results that can be achieved in less time than ever before. We truly think you will be amazed at how awesome all three of our new polishes work together as a world-class polishing system!