Adam's Pad Conditioning Brush

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  • Cleans Adam's Polishing Pads Mid-Detail to Save Time
  • Reduces Dusting and other issues from Clogged Pads
  • Works with any Machine Polisher
  • Use with Microfiber or Foam Pads

Adam's Pad Cleaning & Conditioning Brush is perfect for anyone who machine polishes and has experienced a clogged up pad. You accidentally go a little heavy on the polish or you're getting towards the end of your detail and the pads become a little less effective than they had been. Not to worry! The Adam's Pad Cleaning & Conditioning Brush will get you back to correcting your paint quickly and easily. Medium stiff bristles safely and effectively remove excess polish from the pad surface and get you back to work faster.

Use Adam's Pad Cleaning & Conditioning Brush at the end of the job to remove dried polish residue before regular cleaning to make the job easier or mid-job to keep the pads fresh. Effective with both Microfiber and Foam pads, the brush also includes an edging tip to help break pads loose from baking plates. Its a must have tool for anyone who takes their paint correction and machine polishing seriously.