Indiana's Premium Mobile Detailing Service

Whether your vehicle is a daily driver, garage queen, show car, or track car - I can unleash its shine potential!

Above photos are an ACTUAL paint reflection after my 2-Stage Paint Correction!


  • Most Detail Shops rely on high-volume to make a profit, while sacrificing quality. My focus is ALWAYS on quality, while giving your vehicle the attention it deserves!
  • Your vehicle represents a considerable investment, and should be protected accordingly.
  • Choosing a Detailer based solely on price, can cost you much more in the end! I am often hired to fix damage "cheaper" Detailers (or even car dealers) have caused.  
  • All work is performed by me personally (no employees or subcontractors). This allows me to best understand your exact needs, and ensure quality results!  
  • I use only the highest-quality Adam's Premium products, equipment, & techniques appropriate for your vehicle! 
  • My mobile detailing offers the ultimate in convenience for you. As long as water, electric, and garage space is available - I can deliver quality results at your location! 
  • As a detailing customer, you will receive a 15% everyday discount on Adam's products (purchased direct from me)! I can get your vehicle looking its best, then set you up with Adam's products to maintain it!   

My prices include travel within the Indianapolis area, and surrounding communities. Further away? No problem, please contact me with your address for an exact quote. I have customers from all over Indiana, and the surrounding states! Whether you just have one or two vehicles, or an entire collection - I can take their finish to the next level!

Purchasing a new vehicle? Don't let the Dealer pressure you into an overpriced "paint protection" package. They are all about low-cost products & high-profit margins. I have seen vehicles where people have paid $800 for a paint sealant, that has worn off after only 2 months. Bird droppings, acid rain, & hard water spots, can easily damage an unprotected factory finish.  My techniques & Adam's products will outperform (& outlast) anything they offer!  

 Pricing for my services is based on "standard" size cars. Please note these additional charges for SUV's & Trucks:

  • Small-mid size SUVs, & regular cab trucks - add an additional 25%.
  • Full-size SUVs, Extended Cab/4-Door Trucks - add an additional 35%.
  • Oversized & severely neglected vehicles subject to additional charge.

Unlike many Detailers, I do my best to offer upfront pricing on all of my services. To discuss which services best fit your vehicles needs, please contact me (Steve) at 317-531-6158. Thank you for considering Furious Shine!

$200 - Paint Decontamination

Includes: A multi-bucket pH neutral hand foam bath, including wheels, tires, & fender wells. Entire vehicle air dried, exterior glass cleaned, and tires dressed. Full decontamination of the paint is performed using a clay bar. This critical step removes surface contaminants such as tar, over spray, iron particles, sap, & other industrial fallout. This results in a "glass smooth" finish, which optimizes the performance of all subsequent detailing steps. A synthetic polymer paint sealant is then applied, providing ~6 months of protection. I will also protect the face of the wheels with an appropriate product , based off their finish.

Optional: Add the "Glaze & Wax" option, OR upgrade to the "Ceramic Paint Coating" for the ultimate protection & shine!

$300 - Single-Stage Polish

Includes:  "Paint Decontamination" service, plus adds a single machine polishing step. This will remove only the lightest defects, while enhancing shine. A synthetic polymer paint sealant is then applied, providing ~6 months of protection. If you are looking to remove more swirls & scratches, consider my "Paint Correction" service (below).   

Optional: Add the "Glaze & Wax" option, OR upgrade to the "Ceramic Paint Coating" for the ultimate protection & shine!

$450 - Paint Correction



Includes: "Paint Decontamination & Single-Stage Polish" service, PLUS adds a 2nd "correcting" polish step. This will remove 80-90% of the visual defects, such as: swirls, scratches, holograms, & buffer trails. Removing these defects is critical to achieving the deepest shine & maximum reflectivity! Combining specific Adam's polishes,  pads, & the safest machine polishers - I achieve results while preserving your finish! A synthetic polymer paint sealant is then applied, providing ~6 months of protection. Whether your vehicle is new or used, this provides the most dramatic improvement in the appearance of your finish!  

Highly Recommended: Upgrade to the "Ceramic Paint Coating" for the ultimate protection of your polished paint!

Optional: If you desire for a higher level of correction, I can perform additional polishing stages (+$100hr).

$75 - Glaze & Wax

Includes: Available with purchase of my Paint Decontamination, Single-Stage Polish, or Paint Correction Services (above). A coat of glaze, then paste wax, is layered over of the paint sealant. This gives the finish added shine, depth, & protection. Note: This option is not needed if you are upgrading to the ceramic paint coating. 

$250 - Ceramic Paint Coating  

Includes: This upgrade is available with purchase of my Paint Decontamination, Single-Stage Polish, or Paint Correction Services (above). For an additional $250, the paint sealant is replaced with an application of Adam's Ceramic Paint Coating. Containing SiO2 silica protection, Ceramic Coatings form a semi-permanent bond with painted surfaces. This results in a very durable (measurable) layer of protection on top of the paint. You will have the ultimate protection, incredible shine, & amazing hydrophobic properties that bead and repel water! 

Clay bars, cleaners, or even light polishing will not remove the coating. Adam's Paint Coating is rated at a "7H" hardness (on a scale of 1H-9H), which is extremely durable. Only wear and tear (over time), or machine polishing will remove the coating. After application, the vehicle MUST be kept dry for 24hrs while the coating fully cures. With proper washing & monthly applications of Ceramic Boost, your coating can last up to 2 years! There is no need to ever apply wax over the coating, just wash & enjoy!

As my video shows - Ceramic has amazing hydrophobic properties! 


$50 and up - Ceramic Trim Coating 

Includes: This is a similar product to the Paint Coating (above), but designed specifically for exterior black plastic (& rubber) trim. Adam's Ceramic Trim Coating forms a durable barrier, lasting up to a year. Can be used on the black plastic mirror trim, wiper cowls, bumper inserts, truck bed rails, side/bumper steps, or even exposed rubber weatherstripping. This will leave a nice satin appearance which does not require the regular application of trim dressings. Once cured, the coating provides excellent hydrophobic properties that bead and repel water. Pricing starts at $50, and can increase depending on the exact amount of trim to be coated. 

$100 and up - Ceramic Wheel Coating 

Includes: Applying Adam's Ceramic Wheel Coating to the wheels which helps make maintaining them easier. The wheel coating is a 9h hardness, which is actually harder than the paint coating - to withstand the more aggressive cleaners. Price starts at $100 for a set of 4 wheel faces, and will be higher depending on complexity of wheel design. If you have your wheels off the vehicle, I can also coat the barrels for an additional charge. I will provide you an exact quote upon seeing the wheels,  and confirming they can be coated.

$125 - Interior Detail 

Includes: Vacuuming of carpet and floor mats. Cleaning of leather/vinyl/plastic surfaces, as well as interior glass. UV blocking conditioners then applied to enhance and protect interior surfaces. Please note, I no longer offer  carpet/upholsteryshampooing services. 

$125 - Engine Detail 

Includes: Careful hand washing of the engine bay (no pressure washing), followed by air drying as needed. Painted surfaces wiped down, & conditioners applied to exposed plastics & hoses. 

Don't see exactly what you are looking for? Feel free to contact me! From cars, trucks, vans, RV's, motorcyles, & even farm equipment, I can customize my services to meet your exact needs! 

Here are some examples of my work! Even more photos can be found on the Furious Shine Facebook page (be sure to LIKE my page for updates)!